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USCIS Immigration Medical Exam and Form i-693 Completion

Dr. David N. Kim at Premier Primary Care Medicine has been appointed as an authorized Civil Surgeon for the Department of Homeland Security by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration service (USCIS). Our office has been authorized to perform green card and immigration medical examinations and to fill out your I-693 Form.

AGE REQUIREMENT: We only perform i-693 exams for patients 18 years of age or older


Form i-693 - Please fill out Parts 1-4 but DO NOT SIGN Part 2. Also, do NOT fill out Parts 5-11. You can download Form i-693 with this link:

New Patient Registration Form - Please download our Registration Form and fill out prior to your appointment. You can skip the insurance information section since we won't be billing your insurance. Click the following link to download the New Patient Forms:


A government-issued photo ID (Driver’s License, Passport, Green Card, or State Photo ID)

Alien Registration Number if you have one.

Your vaccination records (with translation to English if it is in another language)

**Please bring your Covid-19 Vaccine Card**

Medical Records if you have them (with translation to English if it is in another language)

Previous lab results (with translation to English if it is in another language)

Bring a translator with you if you do not speak English.

Payment for the medical exam fee and lab fees - due on the day of exam


*Note: we do not accept insurance for exam and labs. All fees are self pay.

Immigration Physical Only $150

Immigration Physical Labs $200 (Labs: Quantiferon Gold TB test, RPR (Syphilis), Gonorrhea)

Immigration Physical & Labs $350

*Note: the fee does not cover cost of vaccines.

Disclaimer: No refunds will be given for disqualification or if incomplete form due to abnormal results or if there is a delay due to referral for immunizations or referral to specialists.

VACCINE REQUIREMENTS - Note: We only have the Tdap and Influenza vaccines in our office. Please call our office for the current price of these vaccines. The other vaccines on this list will need to be administered at your pharmacy or at the county health department.

  • Covid 19 vaccine - You must be vaccinated with the latest version of Covid 19 vaccine. You can ask your pharmacist if you have received the latest version or not, or you can also find out the latest version on the CDC website here: . Please bring documentation of your vaccine record.
  • Mumps, measles, rubella (MMR) if born after 1957
  • Tetanus and diphtheria toxoids (Tdap vaccine)
  • Varicella (chicken pox)
  • Influenza - only if in season (Sept 1st thru April 1st)
  • Pneumonia for age 65 or older
  • Hepatitis B (from birth to age 59)
  • Pneumonia for age 65 or older (either PCV15 or PCV20. If your PCV15 has been more than 1 year ago, then a PPSV23 vaccine is required. PCV20 is a stand-alone vaccine and does not require a follow up PPSV23 vaccine).

*Note: If a vaccine requires a series of multiple shots and you have started but have not completed the series, then you will need to receive the next shot in the series if you are overdue. However, if you are not overdue for the next shot in the series then you can still qualify for Form I-693 completion even though the series is incomplete.